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The growth of the super rich in Asia goes on unabated. According to CNBC there are well over 800 billionaires and the number is growing every year. This should mean an increase in philanthropy. It is needed. Covid-19 had a massive impact on casual workers in Asia. According to the UN July 2020 report, 218 million people were severely affected, with families already poor and on the margins suffering from malnourishment and homelessness. Clearly the role of NGOs has never been more important.

Abbey Solutions has strong corporate and donor networks in Hong Kong,  Singapore and Malaysia.  Our SE Asia office is in Malaysia.

As well as supporting NGOs we work with foundations and major donors to identify NGOs and projects that fit their criteria. This gives us a real understanding of what donors want.

Economic prosperity
Drip down takes time – NGOs help create momentum

We have experience of working with NGOs that help people climb out of poverty, so they can build a better life for themselves, their families and communities.

We understand that education in its widest form is critical to help stem the tide of poverty, and to mitigate the risk of young girls being married at an early age.

Health education for the whole family is equally important as is providing essential amenities like clean water. Abbey Solutions is working in South India with a local NGO ASSIST India. The NGO provides the technology so villages can have clean water. They also provide a range of educational and vocational courses for young women. We support the NGO with fundraising and governance advice.

The areas we tend to raise funds for are health/welfare, education projects and income generating projects. Protecting the environment is not just the right thing to do, it protects livelihoods and reduces poverty. We work with environmental organisations throughout the region.

Child labour is a big issue in Asia and we do support NGOs that provide innovative solutions to keeping children in school and families together. Girls are particularly vulnerable if they do not attend school.

We are determined to play our part by supporting NGOs that run impactful projects that help to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Asia fundraising – Where we are working

S E Asia  – Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Central Asia – Afghanistan

If your NGO is working in Asia and requires fundraising support, please contact us 

What we do:
  • Develop fundraising strategies that are relevant to your local area, country and region
  • Provide a direct fundraising service including research and bid writing
  • Support you with in-country government funding
  • Support with accessing funds from embassies and overseas agencies based in-country
  • Training staff in fundraising, communications and marketing.
  • Provide governance and business planning support

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