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Abbey Solutions is a leading fundraising consultancy that has the expertise and experience to help your charity raise additional funds in 2021. The company has been established for over 20 years, working throughout the UK with consultants based in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


We work with some of the Country’s leading charities

Our credentials are reflected in the funds we have raised and the quality and profile of charities and NGOs we support. Our clients include household names, The Royal Hospital Chelsea (home of the iconic Chelsea Pensioners), the Montessori Group, Amref Health Africa, and the University of Sussex.

Nearly all of our clients are referrals. Our growing number of consultants have many years’ experience of working for multi-million pound organisations as well as grassroots charities in every corner of the UK.


Abbey Solutions – a national organisation with consultants working locally

Our consultants are based around the UK with offices in Central London, SW London (Mortlake), Cambridge, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast.

Since 1999 we have been consistently raising money from Trusts/Foundations, Companies, the lottery, Government, HNWI donors, Government, the EU, UN organisations, and international Foundations. We have recently recruited a legacies consultant who can help develop proactive, innovative legacy strategies for organisations of all sizes working in all sectors.

We never take on assignments where we do not feel we can add real value. 


How we help with your fundraising

Helping you raise money could involve research, building a pipeline of potential donors, developing a realistic action plan, or helping you raise funds by becoming part of your team, developing appeals and making the Ask.

Before we take on an assignment we learn everything we need to know so we can assess the outcomes far more accurately. If we feel that the scope or fundraising strategy is unrealistic we will say so and work with you to develop a plan that meets your objectives.


Corporate Fundraising Support

Many charities are put off from approaching companies because they feel their brand isn’t strong enough or they are just too small to attract support. Some charities are still taking a scatter gun approach or asking to become a company’s charity of the year even though they do not have the infrastructure and resources. Lead in times can sometimes be unrealistic.

Approaching companies like any funding market must be focused, with a strong message and strong reasons why you are approaching them.

Just because you are small doesn’t mean you can’t access funds from companies. It’s all about the approach.


Our services include:

  • Assessing the type and size of company that would best fit your charity’s work
  • Developing and implementing your corporate fundraising action plan, including a tailored pipeline
  • Identify sponsorship opportunities
  • Support with the preparation of the case for support, appeals and sponsorship proposals
  • Support with presentations to companies

For more information please see our Corporate fundraising page 


Trust fundraising Support

We offer a range of Trust fundraising services including strategic planning, research and support with preparing bids for submission.

Our experience is backed up by a comprehensive database of over 2,000 UK and international foundations. For more information about our Trust services please visit our dedicated website here.


Major Gift Fundraising

The chances are you are already engaged in Major Gift Fundraising without being aware of it. If your charity is engaged with Trust, corporate or event fundraising, then it is highly likely that you are receiving donations from wealthy individuals.

We will help you identify these individuals, develop a plan to build on your existing potential donors, develop a strong pipeline with Ask potential and why. We will also research new potential HNWIs, building a comprehensive pipeline taking you through the next 12 months.  For more information please see our Major Gift Fundraising  page.


Our fundraising policy

  • We do not take on fundraising assignments where payment for our services will be derived from the success of a bid. In other words when we support you with an application none of the funds requested should be used to pay for our remunerations unless this has been agreed with the donor.
  • A contract signed by both parties with the agreed T&C and remunerations will be in place before we commence any assignment
  • We never take on an assignment where we feel the goals are unrealistic


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