Delivering Medical Supplies and essential aid to Kramatorsk in the East and Kherson in the South. So far £220,150 has been raised in cash and donations of equipment. 


Abbey Solutions (ASI) goes closer to the frontline than most international organisations can  – supplying local NGOs, and medics with essential supplies.


In 2023 we delivered

  • 3,000 trauma bandages
  • 400 tourniquets
  • 300 children’s CPR and resuscitation devices
  • Children’s ultrasound scanner
  • 6 vehicles and trailer
  • Building materials
  • Tools
  • Laptops
  • 5 Generators
  • Games/toys
  • Children’s thermal clothes
  • Medicines

……resulting in hundreds of lives saved.

John Abbey the MD of ASI, has fundraised for trauma bandages and tourniquets that helps to prevent bleed-out, portable ultrasound scanners for paediatric hospitals, warm winter clothing and generators and laptops for schools, so lessons can continue in air raid shelters.

John has been delivering supplies to Ukraine since May 2022.  He noted in his diary. “Conflict for people living near the line of contact is nothing new. For them it has been going on for 8 years. You can see it in the children’s eyes; traumatised, poor and resigned to a reality they can not escape from.”

Supplies arrive for City Hospital Dnipro Ukraine
Supplies arrive for City Hospital Dnipro Ukraine

April 2022 John sent essential supplies worth thousands to frontline medics  through a group in the UK  Medics to Medics run by paramedics. Burns dressings, splints, syringes, airway tubes, were delivered to keep civilians alive until they could be taken to hospitals.

May 2022 Another consignment for City Hospital No4 in Dnipro.  The hospital has become a hub for wounded civilians and soldiers that have been transferred from towns near the frontline.  The city is a target and critical operating theatres are now located in the basement.

With support from The Peter Cruddas Foundation John drove to Ukraine in May to deliver a much larger consignment of dressings, medicines and equipment for the hospital in Dnipro. This included Celox dressings that stops blood loss in under 60 seconds, allowing medics to get patients to hospital alive.

John at City Hospital Dnipro
John at City Hospital Dnipro

August 2022 – Medical Aid was delivered to Dnipro Paediatric hospital and City hospital No4 as well as NGOs working on the frontline. 

John drove out a 4×4 that was donated to Dnipro City Hospital. The vehicle is used to take medicines to frontline towns and to extract wounded.  John also delivered an ultrasound scanner to the children’s hospital, as well as burns dressings. Essential medical supplies were also provided to a local NGO supporting residents still living near the frontline.

Kramatorsk, just 8 miles from the frontline. Tragically, Andro who is in shorts in this video was killed when his vehicle was hit by a landmine. He was a brave 27 year old Croatian.

November 2022 mission

John took out another 4×4 vehicle in late November full of supplies. The supplies went to the Eastern front and today the vehicle is being used to take medicines, clothes, food and water to towns near the front.

February 2023 Mission

The biggest mission yet. Four vehicles headed to Ukraine, packed with generators, medical supplies, laptops, thermal clothes for children and games/toys. We made drops in Lviv, Kyiv, Cherkasy, Dnipro, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia. We covered a total of 2,740 miles making 9 drops in 7 days.

Video of the Nissan pathfinder donated in February safely evacuating a civilian from a village a few miles from the fighting.

May 2023 Mission

Another two 4×4 cars delivered and more medical supplies. We focussed on Kherson area supporting a small group called BEAR (British Expeditionary Aid Rescue).

This group provides water, food, and building materials to villagers. Thousands of civilians living in the Kherson region are living in bombed out houses, with no fresh water or electricty.

We provided funding to purchase building materials for a village where every house had been shelled by artillery. We also purchased the trailer below that is being used to take water and supplies around dozens of villages daily.

Throughout the rest of the year the team continued travelling down to frontline towns delivering supplies to communities being shelled daily.

In 2024 the work will continue

We are extremely grateful to the hundreds of friends, colleagues and people from around the world that came across John’s justgiving page and donated.

We also want to thank the charitable foundations that have got behind our efforts.  Peter Cruddas Foundation, The Calleva Foundation, JP Jacobs Charitable Trust, Spurrell Trust, Lord Norman Tebbit (who kicked off the fundraising) Pavers Foundation and others that wish to remain anonymous.

Kherson Medical Centre hit by rockets. This is why we do what we do. Please contact us for further information.



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