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Fundraising in the Middle East and throughout the MENA region has significantly grown over the past 10 years.

Initiatives such as Dubai Cares, that is focussed on improving access and equity in education symbolises the rapid expansion of Foundations across MENA that has helped propel the Middle East into a region with a growing philanthropic community.

However, it is vital to understand that the connection between government, business and the royal families means that high level networking is very important if NGOs are to be successful at raising money in the region.

Abbey Solutions works with local institutions and international organizations; the Department of International Trade (DIT); UK, EU and US Embassies, to develop strong networks in the MENA region, so we can help secure funding for NGOs and social enterprises across the region.

Critically we work with Government Ministries in-country and network at the highest levels.  We support organizations that provide educational programmes, vocational training projects, health welfare and environmental initiatives.  We also support programmes that support children and families overcome the trauma and horrors of conflict.

Middle East Fundraising Consultants
What we do:
  • Develop fundraising action plans that are relevant to your local area, country and region
  • Provide a direct fundraising service including research, bid preparation support and presentations
  • Support with government funding
  • Support with preparing donor reports
  • Help with accessing funding from major donors
  • Develop contacts with Charitable Foundations
  • Support in accessing funds from Companies
  • Training staff in fundraising, project reporting, gift acceptance, communications and marketing
  • Governance amd business planning
How we work

Please do get in contact if you think we might be able to add value to your work. Please note, we never work on commission.

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Please emaiI: joanna@abbeysolutions.co.uk for further details.

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