Charity NGO and Corporate Sector Consultants – ASI – Our History

Abbey Solutions International (ASI) was established in 1999. The consultancy provides tailored innovative support to charities, NGOs  major donors and companies.


In the UK we support social welfare charities, environmental, animal welfare and wildlife charities, social enterprises, educational organisations and medical research institutes. We also provide business development and fundraising for start-ups and established companies.

We have one simple aim. To work for organisations and companies that make positive change.

Our History

Abbey Solutions was established by John Abbey in 1999. Previously John had worked in both the corporate and charity sector. In the mid eighties John organised an expedition from London to Khartoum called the Walk of Life, raising money for famine relief  by involving schools across Europe and Egypt, supported by British Airways, Novotel, Hitachi and Hilton Hotels Group. John would later go on to work for NGOs in the field. The consultancy was originally set up to assist UK organisations with fundraising such as, Stroke Association, United Response, Down’s Syndrome Association, elearning Foundation and The Wildlife Trust.



In 2005 Abbey Solutions began working internationally, helping NGOs with their strategic planning and fundraising. Abbey’s first assignment was in Bosnia & Herzegovina, working with local NGOs and the local authorities tackling sex trafficking, a major problem at the time. The organisation helped raise money from the UN and EU.



From 2006 Abbey Solutions’ overseas focus was on supporting Indian and African NGOs. Abbey Solutions’ also began to work with start-up companies, raising capital and supporting them with developing their business plans. This also included some international companies such as Deutsche Bank, supporting the bank with accessing new markets for their institutional cash management services, a vital service to NGOs

The UK focus remained mostly on charities and now included recruitment for senior appointments and interim management. It was in this time John Abbey was appointed CEO of the Lambeth eLearning Foundation, a charity that provided ICT training to vulnerable young people on housing estates across South London. The initiatives John developed were recognised by central government and the charity was awarded the first ever eLearning award from the then Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. In recruitment one of Abbey Solutions’ first clients’ was the Prince’s Trust.

2010 – present

Abbey has continued to work across all sectors and now has offices in London, Glasgow and Cambridge.

Overseas Abbey works in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, supporting NGOs and companies with fundraising, business development, security and risk management.

In the UK Abbey continues to support some of the UK’s largest charities, such as the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and many medium sized organisations. The focus is on fundraising, strategic planning, business development, senior level recruitment and interim management.


Our consultants

Each one has specific skills and experience which we match to a client’s needs. All our consultants have gone through a vigorous selection process and all have a proven track record. For details about our consultants click here


What makes us different

  • We will never take on an assignment where we believe the outcomes are unrealistic, rather we will recommend an alternative route before we begin or decline the assignment if our recommendations are not acceptable
  • We never work for two similar organisations at the same time without seeking prior permission from both parties
  • We never work on commission
  • We only work for organisations that we truly believe provides brilliant services that are needed.