Sanita Guddu


Sanita is a legacy expert, trainer and coach, and has over 15 years’ experience at a strategic and grassroots level working with some of the country’s leading charities. Sanita has over 13 years’ experience of recruiting and stewarding donors and managing regional legacy teams, Sanita loves the whole legacy journey from having legacy conversations to stewarding pledgers.

Sanita is a regular speaker at legacy conferences.  In 2020 Sanita was on the expert panel speakers at CIOF Legacy Conference and at the Wilmington Charities Legacy Summit advising charities on how to promote the relevancy of their cause during the Covid19 pandemic.

Volunteering for charities is her other passion and since 2008 she has been a volunteer counsellor at NSPCC/Childline. Her previous volunteer roles include an Age UK befriender, a mentor at St Basils Homelessness Youth Charity and a child mentor for NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service).


 Key Skills

  • Legacy expert
  • Strategic Planning
  • Trainer
  • Coach
  • Donor Management expert
  • Public speaking