Charity and NGO Appointments – Senior Executive Recruitment

Abbey Solutions provides proactive, tailored recruitment solutions for charities, NGOs, social enterprises and donors including foundations, trusts and companies, to Director and Board level appointments.


We work throughout the UK, EU, Africa, Middle East and Asia, delivering recruitment solutions that helps take your organisation forward.


How we work 

We work closely with your team to thoroughly understand exactly the outcomes you want to achieve for the organisation. We will immerse ourselves in the culture, dynamics and ethos of your organisation, and thoroughly understand the strategic direction you are going, before we begin the recruitment process.

We always keep an open mind when it comes to who might be the “ideal” person for the job. Thinking out of the box can result in a refreshing list of  well qualified, passionate individuals, that can help drive  your organisation forward, either leading a team or driving the organisation’s strategy.


Our interview process is thorough

Should the interview process be rigorous? We believe it is better to have a thorough process in place, even for non-senior positions. Candidates that go through a rigorous interview process seem to take the organisation more seriously and see it as more credible and professional. This tends to attract ambitious and higher quality candidate.

We carry out in-depth interviews with candidates before putting forward a short list to your organisation and support your team at every step of the way with the interview process, that nearly always has two to three stages. Initial interviews by Abbey Solutions, shortlist candidates interviewed by the organisation and Abbey, and a final stage usually carried out without our involvement.


20 years of experience and knowledge

With 20 years’ experience and knowledge behind us, we have a vast network of exceptional individuals we are able to approach from both the not for profit, public and private sector.  When it comes to advertising we take a very targeted approach, to ensure a high return of brilliant candidates.

Abbey Solutions has been established since 1999, working with some of the world’s leading charities, public sector organisations and companies. For further information of our recruitment services please contact

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We work in the UK and internationally