Africa – A continent of growth and opportunities where fundraising can play a key role


Africa is a rapidly changing continent with significant business investment coming from Asia. China in particular has been investing heavily over the past 10 years and will continue to do so. The figures are a little skewed as the heaviest investment is in the Oil and Gas sector, so it’s by no means an even spread across the continent. However, there are some African countries that have GDP growth Europe and the US can only dream of. Ethiopia at over 7%, Rwanda at nearly 7.5%. This doesn’t mean all is rosy but it’s heading in the right direction.


Trade and Technology is increasing but the role of NGOs is crucial

Although trade is clearly the future for sustainable economic growth (as it is everywhere) and should in the long term help to support social cohesion and bring more people out of poverty, well targeted projects and social investment is required more than ever to support marginalised groups and disadvantaged people.


NGOs and social enterprises – How we can help with your fundraising

We are passionate about supporting NGOs based in the UK and in-country as well as social enterprises that can bring about real change at a local level while having the capability to be replicated nationwide. We are particularly keen to support projects and NGOs that help lift people out of poverty through vocational training, education and establishing small enterprises; sustainable models that can bring long term prosperity.


What we do – We work with UK registered charities and country based NGOs in Africa

  • Develop fundraising plans
  • Support you with developing government and UN agency bids
  • Support you with EU funding applications
  • Support you with in-country government funding
  • Build Trust/Foundation pipelines
  • Support with preparing donor reports
  • Support with matching individual donors to your work
  • Training staff in fundraising, project reporting, gift acceptance, communications and marketing


How we work

It is important for us to fully understand your organisation before we commence any assignment. The following information will be required.

  • a copy of the NGO statutes/By Laws (If outside the UK)
  • a copy of the instrument of legal recognition (If outside the UK)
  • a recent two-year report of activities
  • a brief report of the projects your NGO would like to implement or is running
  • previous fundraising activity
  • your business plan or strategic plan


If you are a new organisation with an innovative approach but lack some of the above information we would still like to hear from you.


Please enquire regarding fundraising fees. Please note we do not carry out assignments on a commission basis.

Please emaiI: for further details.

Useful Link

The Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising