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Philanthropy is growing across Asia.  We have strong corporate and donor networks in Asia and work with some foundations to identify NGOs and projects to support giving us a real understanding of what donors want.

Economic prosperity – Drip down takes time – NGOs can help create momentum

Although Asia is benefiting from strong economic growth there are significant issues relating to child labour, poor wages, discrimination against women and a rising level of HIV/AIDS. Issues such as Mental Health is also a taboo subject in many Asian countries and resources for mental health support is low.

Whilst the middle classes are growing at unprecedented rates a large proportion of the poor are being left behind. Women and children in particular are vulnerable to sexual exploitation in economies where there is a growing number of affluent men and commercial routes overland increases the risk of HIV/AIDS and forced prostitution.

We want to support and engage with NGOs that deal with these issues head-on and welcome approaches from organizations fighting trafficking, sexual exploitation and child labour of any kind. We understand that education in its widest scope is critical to help stem the tide, whether that includes formal, transitional or vocational education for children and young people or developing campaigns and educating men on sexual exploitation. Health education for women and children is equally as important. No less important is rigorous campaigning to ensure laws that are supposed to prevent child labour are enforced.

Child labour is rife throughout Asia. We want to support NGOs that provide alternatives for children and their families so children get back into school and remain there. Girls are particularly vulnerable if they do not attend school. With no education they may find themselves forced into low paid work or early marriage and pregnancy. Some will end up in prostitution.

NGOs can play a vital role in pushing for real change in countries such as India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and we are particularly keen to support NGOs that share good practice, publicise their work nationally and regionally and work with local and central governments to put children and women’s issue at the top of the political agenda.


Asia fundraising – Where we work

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If your NGO is working in Asia and covers the areas mentioned above please email

If you are a new NGO but have an innovative fresh approach to tackling exploitation of children and women, education and health, please email us.  For established NGOs not registered in the UK we will require the following information:

  • a copy of the NGO statutes/By Laws
  • a copy of the instrument of legal recognition
  • a recent two-year report of activities
  • a brief report of the projects your NGO would like to implement
  • previous fundraising activity
  • your business plan or strategic plan


What we do:

  • Develop fundraising strategies that are relevant to your local area, country and region
  • Provide a direct fundraising service including research, bid writing support and presentations
  • Support you with in-country government funding
  • Support with accessing funds from embassies and overseas agencies based in-country
  • Training staff in fundraising, communications and marketing. This includes bid writing skills for foundations; making approaches to wealthy individuals and corporate fundraising

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