Asian NGO Projects – Indian charity – Case Study

India – Case Study

In India we have supported ASSIST India, an NGO working in South India by helping them secure funding for two key projects. In 2021 our work with them continues.


Vocational training for young people

One of the major issues young people face in rural India is a lack of skills training. This leads many to leave for the cities where most end up on the street, begging or exploited through forced labour or prostitution.

There are two key aims the vocational training project has:

1. To provide practical training and the funds for young people to set up their own small micro business that can provide a service the local community needs.

2. Helps to reduce the number of young people leaving for the cities, sustaining the local communities where they come from whilst providing support for their families.


Abbey Solutions has raised significant funds from Foundations to keep this progamme going, supporting thousands of young people over the years.


Eradicated child labour in 24 villages in Andhra Pradesh

Abbey Solutions successfully raised funds from The Kadoorie Foundation based in Hong Kong to fund this ambitious programme of activity supporting hundreds of children a year escape the horrors of child labour.

The programme is geared to those that are currently working and those at risk of being sold into child labour.

The programme of activity included prevention and rehabilitation, developing people’s organisations (POs), and strengthening school infrastructures.


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