Charity Consultants


Helping your organisation make a significant difference in communities across the UK and globally


Whether your charity or NGO requires a minor change in direction, a strategic review to assess impact to date and future plans, Abbey Solutions consultants have the skills and experience to help you make a success of change. Our consultants have decades of experience with the practical qualifications that really help, such as Prince2, and a thorough understanding of tools such as the Theory of Change.

Change never comes easy. It is always uncomfortable to step outside our comfort zone, particularly when you are responsible for the future growth and success of an organisation.  Whatever the change or transformation that needs to take place, it is crucial to have strong leadership in place that can deliver the strategy across the organisation, and of course a strong Board of Trustees.  It is vital that leadership and strong governance is already in place before a major review takes place.

Our aim is to enable organisations to make the transformation they need to significantly improve positive impact on society and local communities, whether we are directly supporting social welfare charities or environmental organisations.

How we work

Our consultants have a broad range of skills and experience, working for some of the world’s leading INGOs and charities to Director and Trustee level.  Our research team keeps us up to date with individual sectors within Civil Society.

We only work with clients where we have an in-depth understanding of the sector and environment they work in. We also make sure we fully understand the organisations and institutions, private and governmental, that are working in your area of focus.  This holistic approach helps us understand what works well and in what areas there may be opportunities for your organisation to expand.

We know the majority of strategic plans fail to deliver the desired outcomes. Forbes outlines 10 of the most common reasons here. We do everything we can to mitigate risk by ensuring the basics are in place before we begin, such as staff commitment,  strong governance and as previously stated, great leadership. We also strongly recommend that we are involved, at least during the first stage of implementation. We would also recommend we hold regular focus groups and mentoring to ensure you are on the right steps outlined in the plan to achieve the desired outcomes.

At Abbey Solutions we like to work closely with our partners to ensure the plan is aligned as closely as possible with your needs and aspirations. Regardless of the nature of our agreement, you can be sure that we will never just provide a report and walk away. On the contrary, we will always go that extra mile to bring positive change to your organisation and to our world.

For further information please email joanna Marshall.