Code of Conduct

Abbey Solutions has built its name and success on trust that we will at all times uphold the highest ethical standards when providing services to our clients.

To help advance and preserve this trust, Abbey Solutions has developed this Code of Conduct designed to serve as a guide and reference.

This Code of Conduct is designed to outline what our clients can expect from any employee/consultant of Abbey Solutions and partners but is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all legal or ethical matters.

The fundamental principles of Abbey Solutions Code of Conduct can be easily summed up as honesty, integrity and transparency.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to do our part in building a better world for all of us. A world that does not discriminate due to age, disability, race or gender. A world that joins together to fight some of the worst atrocities committed, from child labour, violence against women and the huge inequalities that persist and continue to grow.

Poverty is the root cause of inequality and exploitation in our world. We exist to support organisations and government agencies in their struggle to make the world more equitable whether that is supporting a rural education project in India or providing fundraising support to a local charity in London or Glasgow.

We recognise and embrace the growing level of philanthropy of wealthy individuals and we will do all that we can to encourage and support them in identifying quality projects and charities to support in the UK and across the world.

As individuals we can make a real difference, together we can change the world.



We will keep all aspects of our work with clients confidential whether written or verbal. We will never gain financially or take any other advantage based on information gained.

All our employees and consultants sign a confidentiality statement. We are members of the Information Commissioners Office ICO, and adhere to their guidelines on data protection at all times. We recognise intellectual property rights and adhere to the laws that protect them.


Conflicts of Interest

We will refuse assignments in which we have a conflict of interest. We promptly disclose any interest that may affect our clients or influence our judgment.



We keep the interests of our clients as our highest priority and never work in a way that impairs their good name, image, or reputation.

We will never make claims of experience, qualifications and achievements that are not truthful. We will never set unrealistic goals to secure a contract.



We treat all people with fairness regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or national origin.


Accuracy and Integrity in Billing

We estimate and charge reasonable and consistent fees. We agree in advance on our fee or fee basis with our clients.


Accept Only Projects that match our vision

We will serve only those charities, companies and individuals which have aims that are worthy and in line with our own vision as stated above.

We accept only those assignments we are truly qualified to perform.


The means does not justify the ends

We obey the law and any statutory duties. We accept only those projects which are legal and are not detrimental to our profession.


Making a difference for our clients/adding value

Our satisfaction comes from knowing we have added value to the organisation or individual who has entrusted us with an assignment. We will only take on an assignment if we feel we can make a positive impact.


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