Corporate Fundraising Training


We provide tailored corporate fundraising training, mentoring and coaching

Courses vary in length from a few months, to a few weeks. Attendance via zoom/teams can be tailored to availability. We also provide mentoring and coaching either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. Training covers every aspect of fundraising from implementing a strategic plan to building relationships and developing partnerships. We also provide corporate fundraising management training. Whatever the size of your organisation, we can build a training programme ideal for your staff and organisational goals. We work across all sectors from social welfare and the environment to NGOs working internationally.


Our aim is to help you significantly increase income from companies even during a pandemic.


Our training aims to help you:

  • Focus on companies that best fit your organisation rather than going for the obvious Charity of the Year bids
  • Improve first contact with the right person and converting those initial conversations into practical action
  • Improving confidence and motivation so you feel able to pick up the phone more often
  • Organise yourself hour by hour to ensure you accomplish everything on your to do list
  • Learn to take time out
  • Build even better relations with existing partners – Going the extra mile


Some tips for fundraisers

In these uncertain times routine has never been more important. These are the steps we recommend to stay healthy, positive and to continue your success.

  1. Get up at the same time as you would as if you were still commuting
  2. Plan your day hour by hour and then take a break
  3. Do not listen to too much news. It is particularly unhealthy and will not help you raise a penny but will probably raise your anxiety
  4. Make your calls in the morning while you feel fresh. It’s important to call companies. Do not rely on email. Emails are rarely answered quickly
  5. When you get through to the right person, don’t start selling them the charity or project. They will be busy and will not appreciate the distraction, therefore, you should arrange a teams/zoom with whoever you are speaking to. That way you can really prepare and so can they
  6. Always follow up with an email once first contact has been made
  7. Have regular calls with the team throughout the day. (Your coffee break time)
  8. When you finish work. Finish work. Do not check your emails all evening


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