Data Protection Policy



Abbey Solutions International Limited (known as ASI) Data Protection Policy.

We consider it very important to set out in writing how we comply with the latest Data Protection laws that come into force on 25th May 2018. The objectives of our policy is to ensure users of our site, people that we email on relevant issues and clients and candidates know that they are protected by our strict internal processes. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)  You may contact us anytime by email at You can call us on +44 207 859 4701.

Abbey Solutions International (ASI) is a limited company registered in the UK. Our main area of business is consultancy for both the non-profit and corporate sectors. John Abbey is the Managing Director. Our office for all correspondence is 76 Sheen Lane, London SW14 8LP.

All staff are required to read, understand and accept the Data Protection Policy and ASI’s procedures that relate to personal data that they may handle. All independent consultants that are hired to work for ASI on specific short-term projects must have a Data Protection Policy in place. ASI always has a contractual agreement with consultants which states that under no circumstances can data that ASI shares with the consultants be disclosed with any individual or organisation without permission in writing from ASI. In the case of individual personal data we may hold i.e. CV’s from candidates, this type of information will never be shared with other organisations or consultants without the permission of the individual.


Abbey Solutions International – How we store data

The company maintains physical and electronic arrangements that comply with EU Data Protection Policies to safeguard the personal information that ASI holds. The company restricts access to personal information to those employees/consultants who need to know that information. As far as is reasonably practicable, ASI ensure that personal information that ASI holds is accurate and ASI endeavours to keep such personal information up to date.


Information that Abbey Solutions International holds on B2B customers

We ONLY hold information on people that is relevant to the work that we undertake. (This means we only hold information on individuals that work for organisations that we feel could benefit from our services). That information is restricted to professional data. i.e. name, address of company or organisation, job title, business email address, phone number. No personal information is asked for or recorded in any format. Electronically this information is on a secure cloud storage system. No data is held on local hard drives on any device.

We will always provide the information we hold on individuals within 3 days. If you do not wish to be contacted by ASI we will immediately stop sending you information or contacting you. We will however hold contact information so we do not unintentionally contact you again. This information will remain secure.

We do not sell or buy-in any business lists. We ONLY contact organisations relevant to our field of work and expertise.


Information that Abbey Solutions holds on B2C customers

The type of personal information ASI holds on individuals is information that has been sent to us from the individual. This is usually an applicant sending their CV for a job or requiring support in searching for a job. We know this is highly confidential information and is never shared with any organisation or individual without written consent from the applicant. People’s personal data is stored ONLY on a secure cloud base system and NOT on computer hard drives. All data is password protected.

If an individual wishes the records we hold on them deleted we will do so within 3 days and notify them as soon as this has been done. For legal reasons we may have to hold some email correspondence and contact details.

If an individual wishes to see what information we hold on them we will share that information within 3 days.