Donor Mapping Support


Quality donor mapping support is essential if an organisation is to maximise its income. We know how important it is because we have seen significant success by applying our focussed methodology with outstanding results.

We recently secured a £3 million donation from a single donor (2021) by applying a targeted, well thought through approach.

The aim of  donor mapping is to closely match the project and organisation with a donor’s criteria.

This doesn’t mean changing your project to suit a donor’s criteria, but ensuring you only apply to donors that are closely aligned to your goals and your project outcomes.

Developing a tailored donor mapping strategy will significantly increase success rates as we have proved through our own direct fundraising services.

It will also improve the reputation of the organisation because well-crafted and appropriate applications are being submitted that tightly fit the donors criteria.


Donors we research

We provide expert research covering UK and International Trusts and Foundations; Institutional funders; Companies; Wealthy individuals – HNWI/UHNWI; Embassies;  European Commission; Business Incubators; UN Agencies and Funds, such as Maypole, Agfund.


What can you expect from our donor mapping service?

We know that many consultancies will provide donor mapping research services, but most will rely on desk research, their own databases and online funding databases.

This is a great start, but we believe to really understand a donor you have to talk to them to know exactly what they are looking for in an application in real time.

Databases can be out of date. They are just a snapshot of sometime in the past.

Our direct approach is what sets us apart from other consultancies involved in donor mapping.

It is our attention to detail and direct contact with donors that makes a huge difference to the information you will receive and the success you will have in using it.


Broadly the following info will be collected

  • Contact information: address, contact details
  • Detailed information on the donor
  • Overview of their funding focus
  • Countries and regions they are interested in
  • Information on average grant and gift sizes
  • Application procedure
  • Deadline dates
  • Potential success


What areas do you cover

Our experience is broad. We have significant experience in Poverty alleviation, Humanitarian Aid, Human Rights, Health, Education, Environment and Conservation, Governance, Water & Sanitation, Food Security, Peace Building, Agriculture & Rural Development, Economic Development.


Is your research specific to our organisation?

Yes it is. There is no one size fits all when it comes to donor mapping. The comprehensive information you will receive on each donor is tailored to your organisation and your projects.


Will it be easily actionable?

Yes. We also build into the plan a critical path so you know which donors should be approached first and why.

  • Donor mapping will enable the fundraising team to plan engagement with donors depending on funding priority and deadlines
  • Donor mapping will allow enough time to develop high-quality proposals, as well as ensuring that enough prospects are being considered to implement the organisation’s goals and strategy.


Next step

The first step is to have a meeting to discuss exactly your needs and so we understand your strategy.

We would then develop a proposal based on our understanding of what you need and your future goals.


Can you help us with fundraising?

Another feature to our service is that we can approach donors on your behalf. We can help develop your applications, appeals and case for support. Since the beginning of 2021 we have raised over £4.5 million of new money.

Abbey Solutions has over 20 years’ experience of hands-on direct fundraising for clients across the world.

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