Eastern Europe – An economic miracle but millions remain in poverty

In the 1990s and into the 21 Century Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) region experienced stable economic growth, in some countries like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic growth exceeded all expectations. However, with prosperity comes a great divergence of wealth. Even in prosperous cities like Warsaw one does not have to go far to find families struggling on low wages and young woman and teenagers turning to prostitution to support an infant.

In many CEE and CIS states the situation is far worse. Moldova, Romania, the Baltic States, Kosovo and the Balkans, poverty is rife, villages are empty, elderly people go hungry and  the exploitation by unscrupulous employers and criminal gangs is rampant. Woman and young girls are particularly vulnerable with many either lured into the sex industry or forced into it.  Much is being done on a governmental and EU level but the need for NGOs working at a grassroots level and lobbying governments and the EU is paramount if greater equality and protection of vulnerable groups is to be achieved.

Who we want to work with

Young Woman: We want to provide support to organisations that are dedicated to stamping out the sexual exploitation of women which is at epidemic levels, fuelled by sex tourism from the West and strong domestic demand. We are particularly keen to work with NGOs supporting women who have been trafficked and NGOs involved in rehabilitation, education and training for women. We know that exploitation can only be eradicated when there is greater economic equality but NGOs play a vital role helping individuals and changing people’s perceptions and attitudes. We are keen to see NGOs lobby governments for tougher laws to protect women involved in prostitution including far harsher sentencing for those involved in trafficking. We also want to see NGOs campaigning and engaged in educating men by highlighting what lies behind the smiles and engaging with travel companies, airlines and hotel groups that advertise so called “night clubs” in their literature.

Children: Child poverty in Eastern Europe is the highest on the continent. We want to support NGOs involved in supporting vulnerable children whether they come from poor backgrounds, living in orphanages or have a physical or mental disability. We will support education, training and health projects and projects that allow children just to be children again, through short breaks and activity holidays. We are also keen to support NGOs campaigning at a governmental level to ensure children’s rights are protected and families are given the financial support they need to stay together.

Elderly people: Some East European countries will have the largest population of elderly people in Europe by 2030, many living in absolute poverty. Not only do many elderly people have to contend with financial hardship many suffer from extreme loneliness which leads to isolation in their communities.  We wish to support NGOs working to provide support to elderly people who are struggling to find enough money for food and heating. We also want to support NGOs that develop community based projects that help to bring communities closer together and in so doing support their elderly population. With children dispersing across countries in the search for work, this is vitally important.

Young men: We want to support NGOs working to unleash the potential of young men that are living in poverty and see no way out. We would like to hear from NGOs that are working with young men that may be susceptible to turning to a life of crime, drug abuse or being recruited by criminal gangs. Education, training, and projects that develop self-worth and dignity are crucial to ensure that young lives do not spiral out of control.

What we will need so we can work with you

  • a copy of the NGO statutes/By Laws
  • a copy of the instrument of legal recognition
  • a recent two-year report of activities
  • a brief report of the projects your NGO would like to implement
  • previous fundraising activity
  • your business plan or strategic plan

Eastern European Fundraising – What we do:

  • Develop fundraising strategies that are relevant to your local area, country and region
  • Provide a direct fundraising service including research, bid writing support and presentations
  • Support you with EU funding applications
  • Support you with in-country government funding
  • Support with accessing funds from embassies and overseas agencies based in-country
  • Training staff in fundraising, communications and marketing. This includes bid writing skills for Government, Foundations; making approaches to wealthy individuals and corporate fundraising


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We work on a fee basis only and do not carry out commission based fundraising.