Eastern European Fundraising Consultants


Civil Society has been evolving quickly over the past 20 years in Central and Eastern Europe. High Net Worth Individuals are on the rise, as is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Large tech companies such as google have opened offices in Poland with $2 billion dollars of investment (2020).

Many major Investment Banks have back-office operations in Central Europe, further signalling that the region is a safe and stable environment to invest in. This trend is likely to continue.

However, although poverty disparity between East and West Europe is reducing (see here) there are major challenges to overcome.

Across the EU 1 in 4 suffer from some form of relative poverty. In many Central and Eastern European countries poverty is compounded by weak social security systems.

There are also major issues with the rights and welfare of women and children, particularly within some minority groups.

Conservation and the Environment

There are significant environmental issues to address, and Governments, the European Commission and NGOs are working hard to tackle these problems, from cutting CO2 emissions to cleaner rivers and protecting the continent’s vast forests and wildlife.

Some of the most innovative work transcend borders. TRANSGREEN run by the WWF being one such programme that supports environmentally-friendly and safe transport systems.

Abbey Solutions is keen to work with NGOs and Governments to support the development of conservation projects, particularly those that work cross borders and tackle environmental racism.


Our track record

Our consultants have significant experience developing strategies that improve educational outcomes, women’s rights and improving the welfare of elderly people.

They have a strong track record of raising funds for conservation initiatives across the world.

Our consultants, based in countries across Europe are known for their hands-on approach. We rarely develop strategic plans that we do not implement ourselves, particularly with regards to fundraising.

A typical assignment could be supporting a local NGO develop a fundraising strategy to sustain ongoing services for children, or significantly increase funds for new projects.

Once a plan is approved, we would  set about developing the appeals, talking to potential donors and  securing funds.

Our areas of expertise include Foundations, High Net Worth individuals, Corporates and Institutional donors such as the EU.


Protecting culture and heritage in Central and Eastern Europe

For anyone that has visited Central and Eastern Europe, it is hard not to be taken aback by the rich culture, whether in literature, buildings or the arts.

Preserving, and making art and culture relevant is crucial, and we are always excited to be asked to support heritage and arts programmes that require fundraising support from foundations, companies and the EU.


Central and Eastern European Fundraising – What we do:

  • Develop fundraising strategies that are relevant to your local area, country and region
  • Provide a direct fundraising services including research and bid writing
  • Support you with EU funding applications
  • Access in-country Government funding
  • Support with accessing funds from embassies and overseas agencies based in-country
  • Training staff in fundraising and communications skills.


For further details about our international work go here.

About our consultants

We have consultants that are fluent in Russian, Polish and Czech

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