Fundraising Recruitment Agencies


Is it time to take a different approach?

Abbey Solutions has been working in fundraising for 20 years, specialising in Trust, Corporate, Major Donor and events fundraising. In that time we have achieved remarkable results for our clients.

Our success in fundraising has given us an unprecedented understanding of what makes a great fundraiser and how to identify the right candidate for any fundraising role. Abbey Solutions works with NGOs,  UK social welfare charities and environmental organisations of all sizes.

Our clients are diverse, from Amref Health Africa to the Campaign for National Parks, Royal Hospital Chelsea (Chelsea Pensioners), and Montessori. We pride ourselves in always putting forward candidates that are exceptional with a proven track record.


Why choose an agency that has never done the job?

There are some great recruitment agencies out there, but they tend to be solely recruitment agencies. We are offering something different. Our consultants have a distinguished career in fundraising and the skills and experience to recruit passionate and skilled fundraising staff. It doesn’t really get any better.

We are proactive in our search for candidates we put forward for interviews. Advertising vacancies is just one element. We also use our extensive networks built up over 20 years and have a strong database of potential candidates to choose from.


You will also find our rates very refreshing. Far less than the mandatory 15% most agencies seem to charge once you have negotiated down.


We can recruit for interim, contract and permanent positions across all levels from fundraising officers to Director level fundraising and communication positions.


Areas that we actively recruit for

Trusts/Foundations fundraisers
Corporate Fundraisers
Major Donor fundraisers
Events fundraisers
Direct Marketing fundraisers
Community fundraisers
Head/Director of Fundraising


For further information please do call us on 0207 859 4701 or email

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