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The Legacy market is worth £2.8bn to the charity sector and this is predicted to rise to £3.2bn by 2024.

The average pecuniary (fixed amount) gift is worth £3,000 and the average residuary (% of estate) is worth £30,000.

With 90% of legacies coming from residuary legacies, we can see how marketing legacies and having conversations with your donors is paramount.

A Legacy strategy is therefore fundamental to ensure that potential legators are aware that your charity needs and actively seeks Legacies.


Our Success

Our Legacy Expert, Sanita Guddu has specialised in Legacies since 2008. She has recruited and stewarded donors, managed regional Legacy teams and organised and presented at over 100 Legacy events!

Sanita loves the whole Legacy journey from having Legacy conversations to stewarding pledgers.  So much so that she has written an E-book on Legacy Events – inclusive of the virtual kind.

Sanita was on a panel of expert speakers at Chartered Institute of Fundraising Legacy Conference in October 2020 on the subject of the power of storytelling.

She has also presented at the Legacy Summit November 2020 advising charities on how to pivot their Legacy plans during and post pandemic.


What we could do for you

Whether your charity does not currently have a Legacy strategy on how to develop or execute this vital form of giving or wants to review its current programme, we can help.

The external support and guidance to research and develop a Legacy strategy which takes in account the challenges that exist externally and internally is often what is required to explore new opportunities.

With a strong track record in recruitment we can also support you with hiring someone to support the set up and delivery of multi channel Legacy campaigns.


Our Services Include

  • Legacy Strategic Planning
  • Training in all areas of Legacy marketing
  • Coaching
  • Public speaking


Legacy Fundraising good practice

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