Major Gift fundraising consultants

Major gift fundraising can be an incredible source of income for charities and social enterprises. However, please remember there are no quick wins with raising money from individuals. The lead in period can take a couple of years and like all fundraising, there are no guarantees.

The term major gift fundraising can mean many things. A major gift to a small charity could be £5,000, whilst to a major national organisation only donations over £50,000 are classified as a major gift.

Whatever category your charity falls into forget about the amount of money for a minute and focus solely on the impact a donation will make to your work. Impact and sustainability is everything.

An individual wants to see that their donation not only makes a difference in the short term but ideally will ensure lasting change. If you start by putting yourself in the donors shoes, then you will be significantly more successful in all your fundraising initiatives.


Be realistic about your aspirations

Forget the £1 million donations, these are rare even for large charities. Always be realistic based on the size of your organisation, your Unique Selling Point (USP) and the area of work you are involved in. It is the most difficult and most unpredictable area of fundraising and having the right staff in place is critical.

At Abbey Solutions we can provide you with a comprehensive service from developing your Major Gift fundraising strategy, help with developing the all important pipeline, to implementing the plan with your team.


Our services

  • Carry out a full evaluation of your work, management and position in the market
  • Research your current donors (Individuals, Companies and Trusts)
  • Carry out external research into individuals that are sympathetic to your work
  • Carry out in-depth analysis of similar charities to yours that run Major Gift fundraising campaigns
  • Prepare strategic paper and critical path
  • Develop a 12 month pipeline
  • Work with you on the approach


Why choose Abbey Solutions?

John Abbey has direct and significant experience of HNWI fundraising in the UK, Middle East, Asia and the USA. John has recruited new donors and is highly successful at re-engaging with past donors. His skills are backed up by great researchers to ensure the best possible outcome for your organisation.


What you should be aware of before you commit to a major gift fundraising campaign

  • Can take two years to realise your first donation
  • Having a superb researcher is critical but so is having an individual with flare, diplomacy and energy that can develop relationships. This could mean hiring two new members of staff at that may cost you £70,000 per annum
  • You need a strong USP and a fundraising campaign or project that is really going to grab the attention of wealthy individuals. Impact and sustainability is everything.
  • HNWIs need to see real passion and professionalism and a charity with a strong management team and track record
  • The CEO and Trustees need to be fully engaged
  • Your finances must be totally transparent


For more details please call Joanna on 020 7859 4701