Middle East Fundraising – A region of philanthropic growth and opportunity

Fundraising in the Middle East has significantly grown over the past 5 years. Initiatives such as Dubai Cares, and the rapid expansion of foundations across the Gulf States have helped propel the Middle East into a region with a growing philanthropic community. However, it is vital to understand that  the connection between government, business and the royal families means that high level networking is absolutely crucial if you are to be successful at raising money in the region. Abbey Solutions works with local institutions and has a strong network in the MENA region to help secure funding for your NGO.

We are focused on helping organisations supporting children and young people. This includes educational programmes and programmes to support children overcome the trauma and horrors of conflict and war. With that in mind NGOs working in  Syria and Iraq are of particular interest to us.

Middle East Fundraising Consultants – What we do:

  • Develop fundraising strategies/road maps, that are relevant to your local area, country and region
  • Provide gap-analysis to assess what steps you need to take to be in full compliance with funding requirements particularly important for government funding.
  • Provide a direct fundraising service including research, bid preparation support and presentations
  • Support with in-country government funding
  • Support with preparing donor reports
  • Support with accessing funding from HNWI
  • Training staff in fundraising, project reporting, gift acceptance, communications and marketing. This includes bid writing skills for Foundations; making approaches to HNWI individuals and corporate fundraising.

How we work

It is important for us to fully understand your organisation before we commence any assignment. The following information will be required.

  • a copy of the NGO statutes/By Laws
  • a copy of the instrument of legal recognition
  • a recent two-year report of activities
  • a brief report of the projects your NGO would like to implement
  • previous fundraising activity
  • your business plan or strategic plan



Please enquire regarding fundraising fees.

Please emaiI: joanna@abbeysolutions.co.uk for further details.

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