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The pressing issues in New York City are not unusual for any large urban environment. High rates of poverty, overcrowded schools, high youth unemployment, homelessness and a lack of supervision after school. Covid-19 has just exasperated all these problems. Abbey Solutions USA is keen to work with nonprofits that have practical sustainable solutions, but need additional funding to activate their programmes. We raise money  – and we’re pretty good at it.

Our consultants want to work with dynamic individuals, passionate about offering people the skills, experience and motivation to help them climb out of poverty; one person, one family, one community at a time. We love raising money for sustainable programmes.

The types of  organizations we are keen to work with

Nonprofit civic organizations
We are keen to work with nonprofits in New York that support young people leaving gangs or children that have dropped out of school. We want to work with organizations that support young women held back not from a lack of ability, but from the environment they live in.

Veteran nonprofits
In the UK Abbey Solutions has been raising money for charities that provide support to veterans for over 15 years. This has included support for those suffering from physical trauma such as limb loss to organizations providing mentoring support for those suffering PTSD.

In New York we are keen to work with nonprofits that focus on helping veterans and their families move on with their lives, through skills training and employment initiatives. We know veterans have significant skills that can be adapted for civilian life, and nonprofits that highlight those skills and utilize them such as mentoring young people who may be on the wrong side of the law, has huge benefits for everyone involved.

International NGOs
We have significant experience of fundraising, project reporting/analysis and strategic planning for INGOs across the world, supporting a broad range of organizations that develop practical health and education programmes with high impact and strong outcomes. We also have significant experience of supporting NGOs working to develop peace programmes in post conflict regions and those organizations that improve equality for woman.

We are currently working in the Middle East, Afghanistan, East Africa, and SE Asia. We would be delighted to work with highly transparent NGOs based in New York that provide strong sustainable programmes of support outside the US.


Fundraising Expertise: Foundations – Companies – HNWI – Institutions – Government

We have over 20 years experience in HNWI / UHNWI engagement, raising money from Foundations, Institutional donors, including UN agencies, USAID, Embassies, Government and companies. Our consultants are based in New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, with support from London.

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