NGO & Charitable Foundation Consultants


Abbey Solutions International (ASI) is a consultancy working in many of the world’s most challenging and complex environments.

We work with organizations (NGOs and Donors) that aim to support the most disadvantaged people or those most at risk of exploitation.

Making a difference is an overused slogan, but it is at the core of what we aim to do.

Our motivation is to work with organizations that want to develop sustainable models of support; projects that aim to help people out of the situation they are in and enable them to help themselves.

We provide the following services

Major Donors and Foundations

  • Project analysis
  • Feasibility and evaluation (with transparency and value for money at the heart of our research/investigation)
  • Due diligence
  • Identifying NGOs and Projects to support on behalf of donors
  • Working with local organizations, agencies and government to analyse risk levels

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  • Project Management/technical analysis
  • Partnership building and development (government, charities, social movements, and grassroots organisations)
  • Project development
  • Due diligence, project monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  • Accomplished bid-writing and contract management
  • Policy analysis


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