Philanthropy Advisors London – Supporting High Net Worth Individuals


We support High Net Worth Individuals and Foundations identify high impact, cost effective and transparent charities, projects and social enterprises in London and across the UK.


Our philanthropy service is quite unique and goes far further than any philanthropy company we know. Our starting point is what you or your Foundation wants to achieve, immediately and in the long term, and then we work back from there.


Our areas of expertise

  • Youth and Education
  • Ex-service
  • Medical Research
  • The Arts


How we identify charities and projects to support

We apply the same rigorous process that would be applied when buying or investing in a business or new venture. You wouldn’t invest in a business without first analysing the finances, talking to the staff, understanding the customers and business environment. You wouldn’t invest without understanding the sector, the competition and knowing the risks. Visiting the organisation is crucial, not just to get a feel for how the organisation operates and to meet the staff but to talk to those the charity is supporting, to understand the long term impact a project is having on their lives. This process works whether we are researching an education programme for unemployed young people or a new initiative launched by a medical research charity.

The Arts
is no exception. Arts funding is significant in the UK  and has the ability to positively impact on all of us.  The arts, in whatever form they take, creates a vehicle through which society can express its hopes, fears and trends. Arts has the potential of inspiring all of us whether through visual arts, dance, music, or theatre. It enriches our hearts and helps us better deal with problems we face in our daily lives. But there is  a problem.  The Heritage Fund recently did a survey of who visits historical buildings, visits museums and galleries or goes to the theatre. Not surprisingly the vast majority of people, well over 70% were from affluent socio economic backgrounds, even when so much of the arts and heritage is free to visit. So there is a significant amount of work to do in schools, in communities and through marketing to reach out to those people that for whatever reason do not feel “it’s for them”.

Talking to recipients – Getting behind the glossy websites

We are passionate that the charity or social business really is delivering to the smiling faces so often portrayed on websites. We spend time talking to recipients, and those benefiting form the work. We want to hear their stories, their experience and hopes for the future. We want to know what impact the organisation is having on their lives and why they think its important.

As with any sector there are good and bad organisations and within those organisations competent and incompetent people. Our job is to minimise the risk to as close to zero as possible.


Knowing what you want to achieve

We will help build your investment/giving criteria with you and focus in on the type of project or organisation you wish to support. We will always encourage focusing on cost-effective, well run, sustainable initiatives. However, sometimes we come across new initiatives that have the potential to be charity disruptors in the sector, that could encourage profound change or ways of doing things. The Uber or Zoom of the charity sector. They may not have a track record but could lead to new ways working that will result in profound change.

Once we have established the criteria, we will begin the in-depth research. We will shortlist a number of initiatives/charities and provide you with a short list drawn up through a detail criteria we have developed together.


Who we work with

Our service is focused on individuals and Foundations that want to see their investment have the maximum impact. This can sometimes be a project providing life changing opportunities to a small group of people, or a national initiative that will provide a legacy long after the donation has been made.


We want to ensure that every pound you provide is accountable and traceable.


Monitoring and Evaluation​ 

We closely monitor how your donation has been spent, ensuring it has been used for the purpose it was given.  We also evaluate the impact based on what has been agreed and the aspirations that were highlighted. We have experienced project analysis consultants who will carry out the monitoring and evaluation on an ongoing basis.

Please contact for further information or call  020 7859 4701.

We are based in Central London. 3 minutes walk from Marylebone Station. We are fully operational during the current pandemic.