Philanthropy Advisors London – Supporting High Net Worth Individuals


Based in Central London we support High Net Worth Individuals and Foundations wherever they are in the world.


Our philanthropy advisors service is quite unique and goes far further and deeper than any philanthropy support we know. We are based in Dorset Square, London. Three minutes from Marylebone Station.


What we do

We investigate local NGOs and initiatives that are making a significant impact on the ground, in countries and regions that have recently been at war; recovering after terrorist activities; impacted by natural disasters or areas where poverty is perpetual. We do this because we know these are the regions where the need is greatest and where your support can have the biggest impact.


How we identify NGOs and projects to support

We apply the same rigorous process that would be applied when buying or investing in a business or new venture.

You wouldn’t invest in a business without first analysing the finances, talking to the staff, understanding the customers and business environment. You wouldn’t invest without understanding the sector, the competition and knowing the risks. And you certainly wouldn’t invest without appreciating the potential growth. Unfortunately, rigorous due diligence as we propose is rarely applied.


Talking to recipients – Getting behind the glossy websites

We are passionate that the NGO/Project or social business really is delivering to the smiling faces so often portrayed on websites. We spend time talking to recipients unannounced without NGO staff present. If we are unable to do that, we walk away. We want to hear their stories, their experience and hopes for the future. We assume this is why you want to support these people and it is why we work in this sector.

As with any sector there are good and bad organisations and within those organisations competent and incompetent people. Our job is to minimise the risk to as close to zero as possible.


Knowing what you want to achieve

We will help build your investment/giving criteria with you and focus in on the type of project or organisation you wish to support. We will always encourage focusing on cost-effective, well run, sustainable initiatives. However, sometimes we come across new initiatives that are real disruptors in the sector, that could encourage profound change. They may not have a track record but could lead to new ways of working that are worth the risk.

Once we have established the criteria and region of the world you want to invest in, we will begin the in-depth research that will involve travelling to the country and visiting a number of NGOs that closely match the criteria. We will shortlist a number of initiatives/NGOs and provide you with in-depth reports. We will encourage you to visit the organisations before providing a grant.


Who we work with

Our service is focused on individuals, Foundations and companies that want to see their investment put to work in challenging environments, focusing on in-country local NGOs, projects or social businesses.


By challenging environments, we mean regions or countries that have been in turmoil, due to war, terrorism and natural disasters. Countries such as Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar, are just a few examples. We also include countries and regions bordering on conflict zones that provide refuge for people fleeing war and persecution, such as Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Turkey.

We want to ensure that every pound or dollar you provide is accountable and traceable. In our view the best way to achieve this is by working directly with local groups/NGOs that have been rigorously researched.


We want to help you invest in local people directly, where you can make the biggest difference and your donation or investment has real and sustained impact.


Monitoring and Evaluation​ 

We closely monitor how your grant or donation has been spent, ensuring it has been used for the purpose it was given.  We also evaluate the impact based on what has been agreed and the aspirations that were highlighted. We have experienced project analysis consultants who have spent many years working for International NGOs in the field, who are experts in this area. Our monitoring and evaluation work will always include visits.

Please contact for further information or call  020 7859 4701. We are based in Central London. 3 minutes walk from Marylebone Station.


NGOs/ Social Businesses looking for support should meet the following criteria


  1. Address a genuine Need. NGOs and social businesses should be able to demonstrate why the project planned is needed. (Our work does not exclude projects already up and running that require additional support).
  2. NGOs will be asked to provide evidence of the effectiveness of the work to date.
  3. Projects generally need to be sustainable. NGOs must present a realistic assessment of the sustainability of the proposed project.
  4. Represent value for money. Projects must be economical, efficient and effective.
  5. Projects must have measurable target outputs and outcomes.
  6. NGOs should provide clear plans for monitoring and evaluating achievement against agreed targets with donors.
  7. Project targets must be specific, measurable and realistic.
  8. Projects must achieve impact.

This list is not exhaustive, but gives an indication of what will be required before we can recommend  an NGO or social business to a potential donor. Please note we visit all projects/NGOs before we submit recommendations to donors.


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