Philanthropy Advisors London – Supporting High Net Worth Individuals


We support wealthy individuals and Foundations identify high impact, cost effective and transparent charities, projects and social enterprises


Our philanthropy service is quite unique and goes far further than any philanthropy company we know.

Our starting point is what you and your family or Foundation wants to achieve, immediately and in the long term.

We then develop an action plan. Once agreed, we begin researching and visiting organisations and programmes that fit your criteria.

We never include a programme or project on our short list we have not visited, wherever that may be in the world. This is one aspect of our service that sets us apart.


Our areas of expertise

  • Youth and Education
  • Ex-service (Veterans)
  • Overseas Aid/Development
  • Medical Research
  • Health Care
  • The Arts
  • Heritage
  • Conservation and Environment
  • Poverty Alleviation


How we identify charities and projects to support

We apply the same rigorous process that would be applied when buying or investing in a business or new venture.

We analyse the finances, talk to the staff and understand the management.

We research the environment the organisation is working in, the local political and social economic policies, to determine risks and opportunities.

Visiting programmes is crucial, not just to get a feel for how the organisation operates and to meet the staff, but to talk to those the programme is supporting, and to understand the long term impact it is having on their lives.


Supporting quality Programmes

Whether you wish to support a youth programme that monitors success by tracking individuals it supports, or investing time and money in a conservation project that can be scaled up across a region, we can support you.

To ascertain whether a charity/NGO or programme goes on our shortlist, we analyse its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.


Talking to recipients – Getting behind the glossy websites

We spend time talking to recipients, and those benefiting from the work. We want to hear their stories, their experience and hopes for the future.

We want to know what impact the organisation is having on their lives.

We are particularly interested to know what happens after support is withdrawn and a project finishes.


As with any sector there are good and bad organisations. Our job is to minimise the risk to as close to zero as possible.


Knowing what you want to achieve and sometimes taking risks

We will help build your investment/giving criteria and focus on the type of project or organisation you wish to support.

We will encourage focusing on cost-effective, well run, sustainable initiatives.

However, sometimes we come across new initiatives that have the potential to be charity disruptors in the sector, that could encourage profound change and ways of doing things.

They may not have a track record, but could lead to new ways of working that will result in seismic change.


Monitoring and Evaluation​ 

We closely monitor how your donation has been spent, ensuring it has been used for the purpose it was given.

We also evaluate the impact and the aspirations that were highlighted by the organisation. We have experienced project evaluators who will carry out the monitoring and evaluation.


We want to ensure that your donation can be tracked and is used for what was agreed.


Please contact for further information or call  020 7859 4701.

We are based in Central London. 3 minutes walk from Marylebone Station. We are fully operational during the current pandemic.