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Abbey Solutions philanthropy Asia provides a highly tailored approach for individual donors, families, companies and foundations that are either based in Asia or wish to support this part of the world.

We are a registered UK company that was established in 1999. We have our Asian philanthropy office in Thailand.

Our aim is to ensure your donation is targeted, traceable and has maximum impact.  We work with you to achieve your aims and the outcomes you would like to see.

Our knowledge and experience spans 20 years.

Through networks and original research we identify and carry out extensive due diligence on organizations and programmes before submitting our short list to you for consideration and eventually, visits.


Our Approach

We take a top down approach to mitigate risk and ensure your investment is going to the right NGO and the right programme at the right time and in an area where it will have maximum impact.

Our risk analysis and opportunity process is carried out in this order:


  • Region – Research dependent on the country and type of programme you wish to support
  • Country – Political and economic review – full risk analysis and potential
  • Local area – What is the Need? Who is working there, local economy/government review
  • NGO – Comprehensive due diligence carried out
  • Project – Impact, sustainability, value for money, short term long term outcomes


Visiting NGOs is essential

We visit all the NGOs that could fit your criteria. This is probably the one area that sets us apart from other philanthropy advisors.

We can also work in complex and challenging environments.

We interview the project workers, senior staff, donors and those that are benefitting from the project, or if it is a new programme of activity, the general work of the NGO.

If it is an environmental project we have experts that can analyse the outcomes to date, set against similar programmes and the impact the project is having on the local population and environment.


Asia needs you more than ever in a time of great uncertainty

A UN news report dated June 2020 (click here) illustrates the terrible toll the virus is having on 600 million South Asian children, such as growing food insecurity and the disruption of immunization, nutrition and other vital health services.

Families are becoming homeless and with so much of Asia reliant on tourism, casual workers are finding themselves without any income and little or no government support.

Our services focus on those that want to see change happen in the shortest possible timespan.

They want to engage in the work they have funded, understand the issues and sometimes take risks to see significant change happen.

Giving is the easy bit, knowing how, when and to who is far more difficult. We make the process fluid and significantly reduce investment risk.

Please contact for further information. We can organise a Zoom or Teams meeting in the first instance.

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