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Trust in the Philanthropy Advisor is everything

It is essential to have a rapport and to have trust in the philanthropy advisor you are working with. To build that trust we will cover much more than funding. We need to understand what your passion is, your motivation and how your colleagues and family view your philanthropy. We will also share with you everything you need to know about Abbey Solutions. As John Abbey leads on philanthropy, you will get to know exactly what makes him tick and why he has devoted his life to making a difference.

We will help you clarify your goals and help you or your Trust/Foundation take bold decisions.



We won’t blast you with jargon or try and make philanthropy some kind of academic subject. We keep it real. We investigate, we listen, and we provide you with the best options for you, your family, or your Trust/Foundation. We keep it simple.


Confidentiality is everything to us and we will always keep your interests at heart.


Philanthropy consulting – What we don’t do

We won’t provide you with jargon loaded information or the latest philanthropy “toolkits” or trends. (I’m sure it is all very useful, but it’s not what we do).
We won’t spend your money developing a strategy you don’t necessarily need.
We won’t advise you on giving to an NGO, charity or project we have not visited.
We will never recommend supporting a charity, NGO or project that is not totally transparent

Philanthropy Support – What we will do

We will talk to you about what you, your family or foundation wants to achieve.
We will help drill down on what is and isn’t possible.
We will develop an action plan.
We do work in some of the most challenging and complex environments on the planet.
We will cover areas still under threat from war, natural disasters and terrorist groups.
We will work with philanthropists that want to find solutions closer to home, particularly around gun and knife crime.
We will seek out projects that fit your criteria
We will visit NGOs and projects where ever they are in the world.
We will carry out extensive due diligence.
We will meet with the recipients of support, whether that is, for example,  in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, the West Bank, or youth that are in gangs (This is key).
We will help you establish a charity if that will add value and is the best use of your funds.

Philanthropy risks – What we encourage

We encourage donors to take risks if those risks result in real and sustained change.
We encourage donors to take the path less trodden.
We encourage you to support what you are passionate about.
We encourage the support of projects that help people help themselves.
We encourage partnerships with other organisations and government if that adds value.
We encourage change – it keeps us all on our toes.

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