Philanthropy Consultants – Support and Advice


Helping you make a difference at home and across the world

Our philanthropy consultants provide the most comprehensive, tailored and in-depth philanthropy support available to high net worth individuals.

We are one of the few organisations that visit every project and programme before recommending them to donors, whilst carrying out rigorous due diligence.

What we do 

We listen, we help build your donor strategy and then we provide options that best meet your goals.

Taking action is our hallmark, whether that is investigating projects and charities to support close to home or travelling overseas.

We travel to some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Our aim is to seek out dynamic, innovative and impactful projects, enabling  donors to invest in communities that need it most.

Environmental and conservation initiatives are equally important, particularly where communities can benefit from protecting the natural environment.

Our mission is to ensure the programmes donors support really do deliver.

We cannot overstate the importance of visiting an NGO or Charity wherever it is based before making recommendations.

We need to know that the response on the ground is the right one. We take action. That’s what we do.


Our key charity criteria when identifying quality programmes to support include:

  • Impact and response
  • Value for money
  • Sustainability
  • Management
  • Financial transparency
  • Current/Past outcomes
  • Feedback from recipients
  • What other similar organisations are working in the area and what is their impact
  • Local, regional and countrywide social and economic policies
  • Political stability


Philanthropy Support – Our response

  • We will discuss what you, your family or foundation wants to achieve
  • We will identify what is and isn’t possible
  • We will develop an action plan
  • We can work in some of the most challenging environments on the planet
  • We also want to work with philanthropists that wish to find solutions closer to home
  • We will seek out projects that fit your criteria
  • We will always carry out extensive due diligence
  • We will meet with the people that are being supported
  • We will encourage manageable risk if that helps achieve your goals
  • We will help you establish a charity if that will add value and is the best use of your funds

Above all we want you to have peace of mind. We do that by making sure your investment is making a difference.

Trust in your Philanthropy Advisor is everything

It is essential to have rapport and trust in the philanthropy consultant you are working with. To build that trust we will cover much more than funding.

We also need to understand what your passion is, your motivation and how your family and colleagues view your philanthropy.


We understand that many donors wish to be discrete and confidentiality will always be our top priority. 


Philanthropy risks – What we encourage

  • We encourage donors to take manageable risks if those risks result in real and sustainable change
  • We encourage you to support what you are passionate about
  • We encourage the support of projects that help people help themselves
  • We encourage conservation projects that take a holistic and pragmatic approach
  • We encourage partnerships with other organizations and government if that adds value and scale
  • We encourage change – it keeps us all on our toes


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