Trust fundraising research and bid writing


Abbey Solutions has over 20 years experience in Trust fundraising research and support with preparing bids to charitable trusts and foundations.

We support all areas from children through to environmental causes. Our research is backed-up by probably the most comprehensive and certainly the most up to date database of over 2,000 Trusts.

With offices in Central London, SW London, Glasgow and Cambridge and consultants in other parts of the UK we are accessible to most charities at short notice. The clients we have reflect our nationwide reach. These include Royal Hospital Chelsea (Home of the iconic Chelsea Pensioners), Befriend a Child  in Aberdeen, Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK) London, Scottish Cot Death Trust Glasgow, and the Margaret Clitherow Trust in Buckinghamshire.

“John Abbey’s strategic input was underpinned by a solid understanding of smaller/medium charities. This meant that in addition to strategic advice we also benefited from useful practical advice, such as the development of trust pipelines.”
Campaign for National Parks (2019)


Our success – Raising money from Trusts and Foundations

If we are not confident in raising funds for your charity we will not take on the assignment. In the last year one of our largest successful applications was for over £200,000. This was the largest donation the Trust had ever made to a UK organisation and was achieved after two meetings and a detailed application.


Trust research – Our approach

Getting the latest information from Trusts is crucial and this can only be done if you talk to the administrator or Trustees. Even a Trust’s website can be out of date and all the hard copy and online directories we have looked at cannot be totally relied on. In our opinion sending out applications without verifying criteria will reduce your chances of a successful outcome. Equally, phoning to make sure the appeal has arrived is important.

We cannot stress enough the importance of verbal contact. In an age of emailing it makes all the difference, because most people do not do it.  


Our Networks

After 20 years of writing appeals, meeting with Trustees and administrators, law firms and accountancy firms that manage many of the Trusts’ affairs, we have built up strong relationships with most of the large foundations and many of the medium sized Trusts around the country. We have also been recommended by some of the Country’s leading Foundations. This gives us unparalleled insight into what donors are looking for and the approach charities should be taking.


What we can do for your charity

We can work with your team to further develop the Trust pipeline, carry out tailored training, or help with developing new appeals. If Trust fundraising is new to your organisation we can become your Trust fundraising team until it’s up and running and you feel confident enough to employ a Trust fundraiser. We are currently doing this for Waterloo Uncovered. We can also provide cover during leave or sickness.

What you will always get from us is highly detailed research and exceptionally written proposals that tell the story, detail the impact and have the financials to back it up.

Whether you are a large established organisation that wishes to build on the success you already have with Trust fundraising or a smaller charity that wants to access local funds, we will be able to assist you in building a robust and sustainable income stream.


Our services include:

  • Trust/Foundation health check
  • Developing a structured plan with a robust pipeline
  • Develop/write bids
  • Trust fundraising training
  • Recruit experienced trust fundraisers


We now have a dedicated trust fundraising site which covers everything from bid writing to bespoke trust fundraising training. Please visit Trustfundraisinguk

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