Africa – where NGOs can play a key role in pushing social justice

Africa is a rapidly changing continent with significant business investment coming from Asia. China in particular has been investing heavily over the past 20 years and will continue to do so.  Africa is the only region in the world to record three-digit growth in the first quarter of 2022. Fintech is leading the charge in start-ups.  The New Africa is a far cry from the stereotype many in the West have of the continent.

Chinese investments in Africa stood at US$ 4.2 billion in 2020.  That compares to a total of $500 billion of Aid since the 1960s from other nations.

Although one would expect nations such as Nigeria and Egypt to be in the top performing countries, many of the poorest nations, such as Rwanda have seen significant GDP growth in recent years,  although starting from an extremely low base.

Trade and Technology is increasing but the role of NGOs is crucial

Increased trade and GDP growth is always welcome, however, there is a clear role for NGOs to help encourage civil society and improve the rights and equity within nations.

Technical support and social infrastructure such as schools or sanitation are needed, but arguably nothing is more important than a  push to enhance and drive social justice. To change the long term outlook for marginalised people means improving social justice, and NGOs can play a key role in this.

Abbey Solutions is committed to supporting well targeted projects and campaigns that have a tangible positive impact on people’s lives in the poorest communities.

We do this by supporting NGOs develop sound relationships with the people they are representing and supporting, empowering them to make decisions that will impact on their lives. We also help NGOs develop fair and just relations with governments, companies and major donors, and provide project support, and governance support where we feel our experience can add value to the work NGOs are doing.

NGOs and social enterprises – How we can help with your fundraising

We are passionate about supporting well run, transparent NGOs. We want to support organisations that can bring about real change at a local level while having the capability to influence the national agenda.

We support NGOs and social enterprises that help lift people out of poverty through vocational training, education, wellbeing and health initiatives and NGOs committed to protecting the environment and wildlife of this amazing continent.

What we do – We work with UK registered charities and local country NGOs in Africa
  • Develop fundraising plans
  • Design and write Government and UN agency bids
  • Research and prepare bids to Foundations based in the UK and internationally
  • Liaise with Government on your behalf
  • Support with EU funding applications
  • Support with in-country Government funding
  • Develop Trust/Foundation pipelines
  • Support with preparing donor reports
  • Support with matching individual donors to your work
  • Develop strategies to empower people NGOs are supporting
  • Training staff in fundraising, project reporting, gift acceptance, communications and marketing
  • Support in project evaluation
  • Help organisations develop strong governance
How we work

It is important for us to fully understand your organisation before we commence any assignment. The following information will be required.

  • a copy of the NGO statutes/By Laws (If outside the UK)
  • a copy of the instrument of legal recognition (If outside the UK)
  • a recent two-year report of activities
  • a brief report of the projects your NGO would like to implement or is running
  • previous fundraising activity
  • your business plan or strategic plan

Please email us regarding fundraising fees.

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