International NGO consultants – Fundraising – Planning – Support

We work with non-governmental organizations across the world supporting them with fundraising, communications, strategic planning and risk assessment. NGOs that have been supported include those supporting women that have been trafficked, children with HIV/AIDS; NGOs fighting child labour; NGOs supporting education, and vocational training, health and housing.

What’s the difference?
 Simply put we do not take on any assignment, but focus on issues that are of deep concern to us. We believe it is crucial for us to have the same passion and beliefs you have for your work. We firmly remain within the social welfare arena and as you read on you will see our main focus and areas that concern us. This philosophy guarantees that you will always get an exceptional service from us that we believe is second to none.

Before we begin any assignment we carry out detailed research into your organisation so we fully understand your operations, history and future goals. We then tailor our service accordingly. If you need a consultancy to raise money on your behalf from Foundations, Companies and individuals we will formulate the strategy and implement the programme. In effect we will become your fundraising team. We can also support you with a fundraising strategy tailored to your region and work; the training and recruitment of fundraising staff and support with  business planning.

We have experience in government funding from USG and non-USG sources including USAID, State Department, MCC, DFID, JICA, CIDA, AusAID, PSUs, DANIDA, SIDA, and the EU.  Experience in compliance, reporting, and grant administration.

International NGO Consultants – Partnership planning

We develop with our clients strong partnerships through the use of Logical Framework Approach (LFA). The use of this tool is critical and widely recognised and used by various major donors when deciding on funding, including the EU and World Bank. It is not perfect and can be rigid. We understand this and adapt the model to the environment we are working in and the type of project being established. Clarity at every stage is the key to a strong partnership and one that delivers results. Innovation for the sake of innovation is not useful. Perhaps looking at what works, what makes real change to people’s lives and doing it better is. With thousands of NGOs working in every conceivable field of Need, getting it right has never been more important.

What we do:

Fundraising advice, training and implementation
Helping develop NGO partnerships
Strategic planning
Project evaluation
Risk assessment and analysis

Before we begin working with NGOs we require the following information:

a copy of the NGO statutes/By Laws
a copy of the instrument of legal recognition
a recent two-year report of activities
a brief report of the projects your NGO would like to implement
previous fundraising activity
your business plan or strategic plan

All information sent to Abbey Solutions is in confidence.

For more information please click on the links below for the region you work in

Asia – A fundraising tiger
Africa – more trade than aid
Middle East – A region of philanthropy and growth

For further information on our international programmes and how we can help your organisation, please email:

More about us

We have been working as international NGO consultants for over 10 years. In that time we have built up a strong network of key international donors, NGOs and partners.

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